Associate Plant Societies (APS)

The following APS are not affiliated with a CGCI District
APS that are members of a specific district will be listed on the District page

President:  Candy Nakanishi
American Begonia Society, Mabel Corwin Branch
President:  Marla Keith
American Begonia Society,  Orange County Branch
President:  Martin Delgado
American Begonia Society,  Whittier Branch
President:  Lorraine Jones
President:  Paul Bowles
President:  Eric Schrader
President:  Carl Carter
President: William Reynolds
President:  Linda Delgado 
President:  Kelly Comras
President:  Susan Wedegaertner
President:  Marvin Bort
Camellia Society of Sacramento County
President:  Julie Vierra
Conejo Cactus & Succulent Society
President: Linda Holub
President:  Kathy Boals
President:  Byron Nobriga
President:  Robert Kuettle
President:  Sue Haffner
President:  Kay Miller
President:  Gloria Aminian
President:  Gary Putnam
President:  Gordon Harding
President: /Treasurer Mike Bautista
President:  Ron Ludwig
Monterey Bay Area Cactus & Succulent Society
President:  Stan Verkler
President:  Darrel DeBoer
President:  Stephen Hampson
Ohara School of Ikebana of Northern California
Co-President:  Mitsuko Maruyama
Co-President:  Kathy Toy
President:  Bill McMurran
President:  Nohline L'Ecuyer
President:  Carol Zoltowski
Orchid Society of Southern California 
President: Krystine Chappario
Co-President:  Alex Nadzan
Co-President:  Bill Wong
President:  Tom Mudge
President:  Cynthia Phipps
President: /Treasurer Mildred Peskay
President:  Linda Kancove
President:  Daryl Du Charme
President:  Greg Orozco
President:  Patty Reece
Co-President:  Javier Perez
Co-President:  Kristina Bell
President:  Craig Tarr
President:  Linda Walton
President:  Linda Knowles
Sogetsu School of Ikebana Bay Area Branch
Director Ron Brown
President:  Angelique Fry
President:  Dale La Forest
Southern California Camellia Council
President:  Dean Turney
President: Beth  Stone
Co-President:  Mike Boess
Co-President: Peggy  Oberg
President:  Darrell Lovell
President:  Kent Myers
Stockton Cactus & Succulent Society
President:  Leslie Slayter
Tropical Plant Society of Modesto
Co-President:  Susan Wedegaertner
Co-President:  David Snyder
Ventura County Orchid Society
President:  Sherrie Basham