Youth Activities

CGCI's Youth Activities Committee assists garden clubs and/or districts in sponsoring youth garden clubs and encourages the youth leaders to provide balanced programs in horticulture, conservation and leadership and participation in flower shows and the award program.
Poster Contest Chairman: Charlotte Tucker,




  • We have been helping to support youth gardening groups in California with leadership, knowledge, supplies, awards and scholarships since 1931. 
  • We know what it takes to create great gardens.
  • We know what it takes to raise great kids.
  • We are building programs that introduce young people to gardening, conservation, protection of wildlife, recognition of plants, trees and shrubs, basic flower arrangements, and a love and appreciation of nature. 
  • The goal is to help teach youth to be responsible and capable citizens with greater self-expression, dignity, integrity and knowledge of their environment.
Note:  NGC/CGCI Release for Publication and Website form should be filled out and signed by the parent / guardian and kept on file by any Garden Club that takes pictures of children for use in publicity in any media format, including Newspapers, Newsletters, Websites, etc.