Stagecoach Hill Azalea Project

Chairman:  Mary Lou Goodwin
In 1977 California Garden Clubs, Inc. dedicated itself to raise money to help purchase 18 acres of the two mile long hillside containing native western azaleas ( Rhododendron Occidentale) since a housing development and highway expansion were being planned. This property is located on Highway 101 in Humboldt county, mile post 112.5 with an exit on Kane Road north of Trinidad near the National Garden clubs’ and the California Garden clubs’, Inc. Redwood groves in Redwood National Park.  The California State Parks Foundation with help from California Garden Clubs, and numerous plant societies and the Coastal Conservancy, raised $60,000.00 to acquire the property and deeded it to the California State Parks. The project was dedicated on June 4, 1984 with Mary Lou Goodwin, Fortuna Garden Club president in attendance.

In 2016, CGCI adopted the Stagecoach Hill Azalea Propagation Project to help provide funding to propagate 300 azaleas from cuttings and from seed to be planted in the same area. This fundraising project will strive for a goal of $6,000.00 to be used for expenses to contract with the California State Parks to provide seasonal staff to grow the plants in a green house for three years and until they can be planted back on Stagecoach Hill. California Park Ranger Michelle Forys and greenhouse manager Dan Burgess are co-ordinating the project. California Garden Club and American Rhododendron Society members assisted on the propagation day May 27th. Additional work will include clearing the non native vegetation, repairing the signs and improving the trails to be handicapped assessable.
Donations are being accepted from club, districts and individuals with Honorary and In memoriam certificates being issued.