Lil Moose Garden Club

An Invitation to all Pacific Region Members
The first Pacific Region garden club open to ALL Pacific Region members and their friends and neighbors has been established – Lil’ Moose Garden Club. We have an interesting mooseletter that will be published periodically and we’ll be listing ALL the club members.  The only garden club where all dues and donations go solely toward the Pacific Region Scholarship Fund! Why? Because moose are big supporters of furthering the education of all calves. Also they have no club expenses due to successful foraging and meetings held in the wilderness, or your yard, campsite, middle of the road......wherever they want.............whenever they want.
I want to be a part of it – don’t you????  Let’s make this THE LARGEST garden club! To date we have 10 members including our NGC President and Pres-Elect.
Lil’ Moose GC members:
Gay Austin, NGC PRESIDENT!!!, Mississippi
Jean Engelmann, Nevada
Becky Hassebroek, Alaska
Jane McKee, Florida
Greg Pokorski, California
Robin Pokorski, California
Dan Recla, Florida
Martha Smyser, California
Brynn Tavasci, Washington
Mary Warshauer, NGC President-Elect, New Jersey
Here are some of the officers at their first meeting – setting down the bylaws and guidelines