Flower Show Judges Councils

Once you become an accredited Flower Show Judge you may join a JUDGES COUNCIL
  • California has seven councils whose members are dedicated to upholding the judging standards and policies of NGC.
    • The Councils are organized by local areas that may be geographically different than CGCI Districts
    • Each Council elects a Chairman and may have individual bylaws, dues or other organizational rules
    • Individual judges may belong to more than one Council
  • Combined meetings of all the judges councils may be held at symposium and CGCI conventions.
Capitol Judges Council
Chairman:  Lili Aram-Bost
Colfax-Auburn area
Cascade Judges Council
Chairman: Joie Raymond
Cascade District area
Feather River Judges Council
Chairman: Susi Gillum
Chico-Colusa area
Founders Council of Judges
Co-Chairmen:  Liz Warren & Barbara Gordon
San Mateo area
Judges Council of Southern California
Chairman: Carole Lung
Los Angeles area
Southwestern Judges Council
Chairman:  Carvill Veech
San Diego County area
Valley Judges Council
Chairman: Marilyn Scheller
Bakersfield-Stockton area