Flower Show

CGCI Chairman:  Gudrun Kimmel - gudron56@att.net

Flower Show School

A general course of study for members, exhibitors and judges.  Come and join us for Flower Show School!  It's not only for prospective flower show exhibitors and judges, but also for all garden club members and all persons interested in flower design and horticulture. While the primary purpose of these courses is to train those wishing to become flower show judges, many people attend for information only and those people do not have to take the examinations!
  • Horticulture Curriculum:  The horticulture curriculum consists of basic general information on proper gardening techniques from seed / plant selection to plant culture and control of problems. Information is also presented on cultural needs of specific perennials, annuals, trees and shrubs, as well as fruits, vegetables and nuts and how to grow superior container plants.
  • Design Instruction: Design instruction covers traditional floral arrangements through contemporary styles and even designs incorporating lights and motors. Many attendees are particularly interested in table setting designs showing coordination of floral centerpiece, linens and dishes. Vignettes, small segments of rooms, also give ideas on interior decorating. 
  • Advanced Study for Judges:
    • Symposium is an in-depth course of design, horticulture and allied subjects pertaining to flower shows that is more advanced than presented in Flower Show Schools. 
    • These courses are primarily intended for Flower Show Judges to maintain their credentials, but all garden club members interested in learning more about flower shows, floral design and horticulture are encouraged to attend.
    • All NGC Accredited Flower Show Judges are required to attend NGC Symposiums in order to remain in Good Standing. Good Standing is necessary if a judge wishes to continue judging and evaluating flower shows.
    • By attending and passing all Point Scoring Examinations, a judge advances from Accredited Judge to Accredited Life Judge and finally Accredited Master Judge.
  • Check the CGCI Calendar for Schools and Refreshers

Flower Shows

Why do we have them?
  • To educate club members and the viewing public
  • To stimulate interest in horticulture
  • To provide and outlet for creative expression
  • To convey to the community the objectives of clubs and NGC
What are they?
The Standard Flower Show is the official title designating a flower show which conforms to the standards established by National Garden Clubs, Inc. (NGC).
Standard Flower Shows:
  • are eligible to apply for the NGC Flower Show Achievement Award.
  • must have a Flower Show Schedule written in conformance with NGC standards and guidelines.
    • Schedule:
      • must be printed and becomes the Law of the Show.
      • must be available to the entire membership, not only to those who participate in the show.
      • is also distributed to the judges and show committee members.
      • can be abbreviated and made available to the public viewing the show.
      • controls the size, scope, and type of show in accordance with NGC standards.
      • must be specific and include all fine points, rules, etc., - details which make our show uniquely suitable for our club.
      • follows guidelines in The Handbook for Flower Shows on what information must be included in the schedule for a standard or specialty flower show.
    •  Sending a tentative schedule to the FS Schedules chairman for review is optional, they may be reviewed locally by a qualified flower show judge.
      • If the schedule is to be considered for the FS-6 award, a final copy must be sent to the chairman 3 weeks prior to the show.
  •  will have a minimum of two divisions: horticulture (with five classes and at least 20 exhibits) and design (with five classes of at least four exhibits each).
  •  will be judged by a panel of three NGC accredited judges according to the Standard System of Awarding.
  •  The Handbook for Flower Shows is the reference book for planning shows. It looks intimidating with all its rules and regulations but it contains everything necessary to plan, execute, and enjoy a Standard Flower Show.

Flower Show Awards 

One of the largest award categories is that for Standard Flower Shows. Six different awards are offered, plus a seventh just for flower show schedules. These are among the most prestigious awards since presenting a Standard Flower Show requires considerable knowledge as well as a tremendous amount of work and dedication on the part of the sponsoring organization.
For details go to the CGCI Awards Page, but the following will provide a simple description of what each award is and what is generally required.
  • The most sought after of the awards, it is presented to clubs and other member groups whose shows are outstanding in every respect.
  • They must contain the proper balance of horticulture and design entries plus other special exhibits, be beautifully staged and be judged, and evaluated, by panels of accredited judges.
  • Only those shows scoring at least 90 out of 100 points are eligible to apply for the award.  Shows scoring 95+ become eligible for National Garden Club's Award of Achievement.
  • Clubs must register their shows in advance to compete for this award. Simply send the following information to the FS Awards Chm at least 60 days in advance:
  • The procedure for this award is more involved than for most but help or guidance is available through every step of the competition – just ask.
  • Requirements: Must have two divisions:
  • Horticulture: At least five classes with minimum of twenty exhibits; any number per class.
  • Design: No more than19 exhibits
  • Horticulture – At least five (5) sections with a minimum of three (3) classes in each section; all fresh horticulture exhibits grown by exhibitor.
  • Special Exhibits – minimum of two exhibits conforming to NGC standards.
  • For the most original and creative staging of a Standard Flower Show.
  • A Book of Evidence is required containing a brief written description of staging, including theme interpretation. Include the standard application form, a schedule, floor plan and photos of staging (at least four of show divisions and four close-ups of staging).
  • Submit the Book of Evidence to the Flower Show Awds. Chm. Clubs, districts and judges councils are all eligible. $50 for 1 st place award.
  • This award may be given to either a flower show or program consisting of table settings only.
  • Miniature and small designs may be included but there must be a minimum of 20 settings.
  • They must be judged by NGC accredited judges but no special exhibits are required and the show or program need not be evaluated by a judging panel.
  • Clubs, districts, judges councils and affiliates are all eligible.
  • Submit a Book of Evidence including the standard application form, a schedule and photographs of the show to the Awards Chairman. Prizes are $25 for 1 st, $15 for 2nd and $10 for 3 rd place.
  • For a Standard Flower Show Schedule that meets the highest objectives as defined in the Handbook for Flower Shows
  • A copy of the schedule is sent to the FS Awds. Chm. at least three weeks prior to the show date.
  • Entries are in competition with clubs or groups of similar size and each winner will receive a $10 award.
  • The winners may also be eligible for Pacific Region Award #4 but please note that NGC has recently tightened its requirements for flower show schedules.
  • If you plan to compete at the regional level, it's suggested you visit the NGC website (www.gardenclubs.org ) and download the schedule evaluation form for the most current regulations.
  • Open to any individual whose design entry in a Standard Flower Show, during the current awards year, receives an NGC Designers Choice award.
  • Submit a mounted photograph of the design in a plastic page protector and fill out the standard application form stating the sponsoring organization, title of show, date and title of class entered.
  • Also list all materials used in the design and send to the F.S. Awards Chm.
  • 1st place: $50.
#71 FLOWER SHOW AWARD OF EXCELLENCE No application is necessary for this award. $100 is awarded to the flower show receiving the highest score by its evaluating panel. In the event of a tie, the judges' comments will be the deciding factor.