Procedures & Guidelines Update Form

This form may be used by any CGCI Board member to create or update the description or procedures for their position.
For Chairmen:
As noted in the "Guidelines for Chairmen" in the CGCI Yearbook, Chairmen should
Review the chairmanship description in the yearbook and send proposed changes to the President and Yearbook chairman by June 1
Review the Chairman's Handbook and submit updates annually or as needed
If there is no procedure guidelines for the chairmanship, work with the Chairman Coordinator to create one
To create or update the information - complete the following form
It will automatically be sent to the appropriate recipients (CGCI President, District Director Coordinator and/or Chairman Coordinator)
Based on the information provided the procedures will be updated.
NOTE:  If your position description requires more than the space provided below, please summarize your duties here and submit a detailed account to the Chairman Coordinator

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