Palms to Pines District Projects


"Natural Habitats"
With a completed application and a $25 (which inludes shipping) or more contribution to the District's Natural Habitat Project, you will receive this beautiful,full color, 7.5"  X  10", outdoor metal plaque to display in or around your habitat.  



Blue Star Memorials

Coachella Valley Cemetery, Indio
J.L. Pettis Memorial VA Medical Center, Loma Linda
Palms Springs Air Museum, Palm Springs
Riverside National Cemetery, Riverside
Town Hall, Indio 



Memorial Gardens

Larson Memorial Gardens, Prospect Park, Redlands
September 11, 2001 Memorial, Lake Arrowhead







  • New Clubs & Youth Groups
  • NGC Schools
  • Penny Pines Plantations
  • CGCI President's Project (new)
  • District Director's Project (new)
  • Flower Festival & Flower Show
  • The Petuna Award