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February 2015

From Garbage to Compost
Mike Zwerner & Greg Jackson of Agromin
Sheryllyn McClintock

Do you want to know more about recycling and organic composted products? Are you curious about Rainbow Environmental’s processes and those piles of black dirt at Gate 7? (Rainbow provides the trash service for Huntington Beach and Costa Mesa.)

Our speakers will be Mike Zwerner, VP of Sales and Marketing, and Greg Jackson, his award winning Sales Manager. Both are with Agromin, one of California’s largest producers and distributors of bulk and packaged mulch, compost and value-added organic products. Agromin partnered with Rainbow to provide the compost blends to you, no matter where you live.

Come and learn the secrets of EcoScraps (available in the big box stores), and how you can get it for less! (Our speakers last month are both big fans of it.)

In 2011, Agromin processed over 385,000 tons of organic material and distributed the resulting soil products to growers, landscapers and consumers throughout California.

Mike is a multi-disciplined executive with exceptional problem-solving abilities and needs assessment aptitude, and has brought these skills to Agromin.

  Agromin's Greg Jackson

Greg Jackson has been in agriculture for a long time. When he was 8 he sold flowers door-to-door. He too is a dedicated gardener, with more than 50 fruit trees at his Long Beach home. He’s an excellent resource for our gardens.

          Mike Zwerner                           Greg Jackson

Join us Tuesday, February 10 at 7:00pm for snacks and conversation, with our presentations beginning at 7:30pm.