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On September 19, 1990 Marie Sluchak, supervisor of the Tahoe Cedars Park in Tahoma, CA invited officers from the California Garden Clubs, Inc. Golden Foothill District to a meeting at the park. The group learned of the park's beginning. With community involvement in planting, trimming trees and landscaping, the colorful garden arose from a garbage dump. An immediate invitation to form a garden club was received from the state organization of garden clubs. By Spring, Marie thought her neighbor, who always helped garden at the park, would be a good candidate to help form this new club. Joy Waite accepted the challenge.

The first meeting was on January 30, 1991 at the Tahoe Tree Company and Lucinda Homan spoke on house plants that thrive in Tahoe's climate.
From the original 11 members, the club had grown to 22 by September of 1991.

In May of 1993, Barbra Briggs became the club's second president. She continued presenting educational speakers at the monthly programs. New activities were added. Garden tours each summer became spectaculars. Barbra hosted gala Christmas holiday socials with gardening themes. The club involved itself in beautifying the community. Potluck dinner events were enjoyed by all. Membership grew to 64 in June of 1994.

On June 17, 1996, Wayne Scholl became the club's third president. During his term of office, the club published its first yearbook and roster, initiated new ideas and introduced new activities. Fund-raising rose to a new high allowing the club to sponsor and fund more community projects. Twice, the club was awarded the California Garden Clubs, Inc. Blue Ribbon Certificate of Achievement. Membership grew to 102 in May of 1998.

On July 27, 1998, Lorrie Moore became the garden club's fourth president. Her dedication and organizational abilities led the club into the 21st Century.

On July 31, 2000 Lois Perryman and her core of officers were installed. The club celebrated its 10th anniversary at Marie Sluchak Community Park (formerly Tahoe Cedars Park), the site of its first organizational meeting.

On July 22, 2002, Pamela Williams and her new officers took the helm. New fundraising and communication ideas are in place to continue the club’s financial and membership growth. The membership had 109 members, and continued to grow.

In July of 2004 Christa Cullen became president of the garden club. As a horticulturist,

Christa's goal was to share her enthusiasm and knowledge of plant materials and their Latin and common names.

On July 24, 2006, Emily Hatch took over as president of the club. Emily said she is a 'novice gardener with lots of enthusiasm and a desire to learn from others'.

On July 21, 2008, Emily Hatch extended her term as president for another two years. She is still a novice gardener who wants to use her energy and organizational skills to make the club a fun place to share our love of gardening.

In May 2010 the membership elected Sharon Gay as their new president. Emily Hatch became the 2011 Truckee Garden Tour chairperson.

May 2011 – The club decided to align the fiscal year with the District timing and held elections in June for new officers. Donna Caravelli was elected president for 2 years. Donna and her husband Rich are longtime members and have both held offices in previous years. Their garden was on the 2010 West Shore Garden Tour.

May 2013 – The club elected Patty Lomanto as their new president. The Incline Village Garden Tour was a great success and the club celebrated its 25th Garden Tour Anniversary!

May 2014 — Vicky Myer was elected as the Garden Club President. She brings her enthusiasm and expertise about gardening and crafts to the club. Lorrie Moore volunteered for the 2015 Truckee Garden Tour and Judy Carter chaired the 2016 North Shore Garden Tour

July 2016 - Emily Hatch was again elected President.  She hopes to grow the club's membership with opportunities to learn from our educational speakers. 

Garden Tour History
West Shore August 26, 1992
North Shore July 13, 1993        
West Shore August 17, 1993
North Shore July 23, 1994
West Shore August 6, 1994
North Shore July 20, 1995
West Shore August 10, 1995
Squaw Valley July 20, 1996
Incline Village August 2, 1997
Incline Village July 29, 2000
West Shore July 28, 2001
Truckee July 27, 2002
Incline Village July 26, 2003
North Shore July 31, 2004
West Shore July 30, 2005
Northeast Truckee July 29, 2006     
Big Springs,Northstar July 28, 2007
North Shore July 26, 2008
Incline Village July 25, 2009
West Shore July 31, 2010
Truckee July 30, 2011
North Shore July 28. 2012
Incline Village July 27, 2013
West Shore July 26, 2014
Truckee July 25, 2015
North Shore July 30, 2016