Botanical Arts Design: Pot-et-fleur

Jim demonstrated Pot-et-fleur, which has moved to the Botanical Arts Division. Pot-et-fleur is a design with an emphasis on a combination of two (2) or more flowering and/or foliage plants with roots growing in soil or other medium. Fresh cut flower/s must be included. Other fresh and/or dried plant material and/or components may be added for embellishment. This is not a landscape or combination planting.

Other Botanical Art design types are Bonded Designs (Collage and Plaque), Hanging Designs, Topiary and Exploration. Exploration - Freedom of Style is to explore the world of creativity with plant material and design. Some plant material must be used but there is no restriction on what can be done to the plant material. (Note: this is the only class permitting treatment of fresh plant material such as painting, flocking or dyeing.)