Blue Star Memorials

           Blue Stars honor our Armed Forces...

Blue Star Memorial at the California Veterans Home, Yountville
Your club or community may participate in this program.
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Keep those blue stars shining lest we forget those who keep us free.
The Blue Star memorials are a tribute to the United States Armed Forces ... those who have served, are currently serving or will serve in the future.    
  • National Garden Clubs, Inc. adopted the Blue Star Memorial Highway project in 1946.
  • The official design of these first markers was presented to National Council in 1947 featuring the icon of the blue star used on blue star flags.
  • In 1947 California adopted the program and highways 40 and 99 were dedicated.
    • These markers can only be placed on highways that have been dedicated with a resolution through the state assembly.
    • The first five markers were dedicated in 1948.
    • There are now 18 dedicated highways within the state and 58 highway markers.
    • The price, effective May 1, 2014, is $1410 for either of two large markers which includes shipping increase by freight lines, and $470 for the by-way markers.
    • Price is subject to change.
  • There are now three types of markers available
    • Highway markers,
    • By-way markers
    • Memorial markers.
      • The memorial markers approved in 1994 are to be placed at National Cemeteries or V.A. Medical Centers.
      • There are eight of these markers in the state.
      • In 2004 NGC by-laws were changed to allow this newest marker to be placed at state veterans hospitals, cemeteries where veterans are buried and other sites, after permission of the national chairman.
  • Even though the existing three marker types have been redesigned, they still reflect the purpose chosen by members of the National Council; which was to honor members of the Armed Forces and to beautify our country.
  • For more information about the Blue Star Memorial Highways in California, please see the Caltrans site.



The newest Blue Star was dedicated November 13, 2014 at Miramar National Cemetery, San Diego sponsored by Palomar District
L-R:  Andrea Little, NGC Blue Star Chairman; Ronnie Dale, Palomar District Blue Star Chairman and Andrea Little;  the memorial garden


A few of the Blue Stars shining in California...
L-R:  Roseville GC, Oasis GC, Modesto GC, Mendo-Lake District, Fallbrook GC, Chula Vista GC, Santa Rosa GC