BAFAG Members


To educate by exhibiting in demonstrations and flower shows by offering an advanced creative style of floral designs.

Active members should complete the assignment OR a creative design at each meeting; a minimum of four designs a year.

In addition, active members should accept an office or chairmanship when asked. You may also be requested to present or participate in a program.


San Mateo meetings are held on the first Tuesday of the month at the San Mateo Garden Center, 605 Parkside Way, San Mateo, CA from October through February. Then we meet a member's home. Please contact our President, Dolores Moffat, for more information.

There is a $5 per guest fee for meetings with programs.

Please bring to each meeting:

  • Your design assigment
  • Shabby Chic: Items that you no longer use for floral design, gardening and/or plants.

Please refer to The Handbook for Flower Shows, published by National Garden Clubs, Inc., 2017 edition, for detailed information about the assigned designs. For updates: