Award Forms

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Application & Information Forms (2013)

Pacific Region
Note: Following information is required on NGC Applications:
Name of State Garden Club: California Garden Clubs, Inc.            Number of Members:  21,480
State Awards Chairman: 
Nancy Lee Loesch  702-407-7128

Evaluation Forms (be sure to use forms with the "2013" designation at the lower left corner)
General Awards
CGCI Community Impact Award - Eligible for NGC #1
B-1 - Civic Development - Eligible for PR #10
B-2 - Blue Star Site Beautification - Eligible for PR #16 and NGC #29
C-7 - Operation Wildflower - Eligible for NGC #71, #73 or #74
G-5 - Membership Promotion - Eligible for PR #13
G-11 - Single Event - Eligible for PR #11
G-18 - Garden Therapy  - Eligible for PR #12
HT-2 - Memorial Planting - Eligible for PR #16 
Flower Show Awards
FS-3 - Small Standard - Eligible for PR #17
FS-6 - Schedule - Eligible for PR #4
Yearbook Awards
G-1 - Yearbook-Council - Eligible for PR #3(j) and NGC #16E
G-2 - Yearbook-Club - Eligible for PR #3(a-g) and NGC #16A
G-3 - Yearbook-District - Eligible for PR #3(h) and NGC #16B
Photography Awards
Public Relations/Communications Awards
PR-1 - Publicity Press Book - Eligible for PR Award and NGC #44
PR-2 - Sec. 1 Newsletter-District - Eligible for PR Award #2; NGC Award #12
PR-2 - Sec. 2 Newsletter-Club - Eligible for PR Award #2; NGC Award #12
PR-2 - Sec. 3 Article by Individual - Eligible for PR Award #1
PR-2 - Sec. 4 Publications other than Yearbook  - Eligible for PR Award #5 (A & B); NGC Award #13
PR-4 - National Garden Week - Eligible for NGC Award #53
PR-5 - Website - Eligible for NGC Award #63
PR-6 - Video Eligible for NGC Award #68
Youth Awards
Y-2 - Poetry - Winner forwarded to Pacific Region/NGC for consideration -Theme:"Protecting and ConservingOur Natural Resources"
Y-3 - Sculpture Contest Entry FormWinner forwarded to Pacific Region/NGC for consideration
Y-4 - Junior Essay  -   "How Do Plants Help the Environment"
Y-5 - High School Essay - Winner forwarded to Pacific Region/NGC for consideration - Theme:  “Today’s Choices Affect Tomorrow’s World”