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MISSION: The Mission of Paradise Gardeners is to promote the love of gardening, civic and environmental responsibility in Southeastern San Diego.

HISTORY: We started as a 5-week garden class at a library in 2017. The more we met, the more we wanted to keep meeting to exchange info, learn from local experts, and beautify our yards and neighborhood.

In 2019 we created the first chapter of the California Garden Clubs, Inc. serving southeastern San Diego.

We are a friendly, diverse group of plant enthusiasts who are passionate about making a positive influence on our community. All levels of gardening are welcome.

Please join us for our monthly meeting. No membership required.


Paradise Valley Road Cleanup - twice a year we partner with I Love a Clean San Diego to beautify the 7900 block of Paradise Valley Road. 

Tree planting - the Bay Terraces Community Association (BTCA) has over 10 years and 90+ trees beautifying So. Woodman Road. We're working with BTCA to continue that tradition throughout our neighborhood!

Mural - Our first mural was finished in Sept. 2019; we're working with homeowners and local arts students to complete more!

Paradise Hills Park Native Plant Garden - we are working with the City of San Diego Parks & Rec. Dept., and local grant funders, to create a beautiful educational native plant garden atop the old covered landfill at the corner of Potomac and Paradise Valley Road. This will be a beautiful place to walk and learn about native flora and fauna, including special areas for pollinators, and ethnobotany (Kumeyaay plant uses)! 


ORGANIZATION:  As a nonprofit, we have a board of directors, and organizational bylaws (available upon request). Our current board was elected in May 2019.

  • President: Nancy Janssen
  • Vice-President: Susan Sevier
  • Secretary: Britta Kuhlow
  • Treasurer: Kim Laru 
  • Past President: Kim Laru
  • Board Member: Brijette Peña
  • Board Member: Diane M. Moss


Home   About Us   Membership   Calendar/Photo Gallery   Resources