2020-2021 Program  (All Programs held on Zoom)
September 3, 2020   
Veggies Taste Better From Our Own Gardens
Speaker:  Yvonne Savio

October 1, 2020
Plant Hormones:  Knowing and Managing Them for Better Results
Speaker:  Ernesto Sandoval
November 3, 2020
Holistic Health Care in Your Garden
Speaker:  Gisele Schoniger
December 5, 2020 
To be announced                            
January 7, 2021     
Seven Herbs You Must Grow in Your Garden
Speaker:  Frank McDonough

February 4, 2021   
Agaves For the Landscape
Speaker:  Greg Starr
Starr Nursery, Tucson, Arizona
March 4, 2021    
Encouraging Insects in Your Garden
Speaker:  Jim Hogue

April 1, 2021        
Container Gardening for Everyone
Speaker:  Yvonne Savio
May 6, 2021       
The Garden as a Healing Space            
Speaker:  Shelley Sparks
June 10, 2021     
Officer Installation