Co-Chairmen:     Lynne Batchelor       &     Bob Gordon
CGCI, Pacific Region and NGC awards are given in recognition of outstanding accomplishments, meritorious achievements, creativity and ingenuity in a variety of activities. Descriptions of awards and application procedures may be found in the CGCI Awards Manual.
Applications & Guidelines - see right sidebar...
Evaluation forms - go to the appropriate Award tab below. 
Judging guidelines & reporting forms (see right sidebar)
The general awards year is January 1 - December 31 (unless otherwise specified). 
The Youth awards year is January 1 - December 31.


Failure to meet the deadline will result in an automatic deduction of at least 5 points 
Submission dates are stated in description of each award in the manual and on each Evaluation Form
The Awards Program for 2016 is now CLOSED.
All award entries have been judged and the results will be announced at the
2017 CGCI Convention.
Thank you to all who submitted entries.
NOTE:  The Awards program is under review and there will be changes in 2017.
The current Evaluation Forms may be used for general guidance but watch for updates and double check before submitting entries this year.
MOST award entries are submitted on the CGCI, PACIFIC REGION OR NGC APPLICATION FORM (3 page maximum)
Books of evidence are only required for the following:
Photography Awards: C-6 (Wildflower Portfolio) and G-17 (Garden photo collection)
Publicity Award: PR-1
Flower Show Awards: FS-1A; FS-3; FS-7; FS-9; FS-14; NGC #5; NGC #30; NGC #57

General Awards

  • The Manual can be downloaded, saved and/or printed
  • It is sized to fit an 8 1/2 x 11 folder or binder with separate sections for Flower Show, Yearbooks, and Youth
  • The information can also be found in the Awards section of the current CGCI Yearbook, Manual & Roster
General Awards
Photography Awards
Public Relations/Communications Awards
  • NOTE:  The submission deadline has passed for the following.  Updated forms for 2017 will be posted soon.
PR-1 - Publicity Press Book - Eligible for PR Award and NGC #44 
PR-2 - Sec. 1 Newsletter-District - Eligible for PR Award #2; NGC Award #12
PR-2 - Sec. 2 Newsletter-Club - Eligible for PR Award #2; NGC Award #12
PR-2 - Sec. 3 Article by Individual - Eligible for PR Award #1 
PR-2 - Sec. 4 Other Publications  - Eligible for PR Award #5 (A & B); NGC Award #13
PR-4 - National Garden Week - Eligible for NGC Award #53
PR-5 - Website - Eligible for NGC Award #63
PR-6 - Video - Eligible for NGC Award #68



The Youth awards year is January 1 - December 31.

NGC/Pacific Region

  • CGCI participates in the Awards Program of National Garden Clubs Inc. (NGC) and the Pacific Region (PR).
  • This nationwide competition allows entrants from California to compete on a regional and national level against other garden clubs and garden club members throughout the United States.
  • All CGCI members in good standing are eligible to apply for NGC and PR awards unless otherwise stated in the award description.
  • The winning entries at the state level in selected categories such as yearbooks, newsletters, publicity press books and flower show achievement awards will automatically be forwarded to PR and/or NGC.
  • If there is no comparable CGCI award, individuals, clubs or districts may submit entries to Pacific Region and/or NGC through the CGCI Awards Chairman as long as they meet the required deadline for submission and the criteria set forth in the Pacific Region and NGC Awards Manuals.
  • For additional information on NGC awards go to
#1 Civic Achievement (CGCI Community Impact)
#2 Garden Center
#7 Special Achievement
#6 Conservation
#20 Roadside Beautification
#39 Litter/Recycling/Reclamation
#41 Conservation Education
#42 Bird Protection
#43 Butterfly Project
#50 Historic Preservation
#51 Decoration of Historic Building
#19 Horticulture Therapy
#46 World Gardening
#48 Horticulture Therapy Garden Project
#26 Landscape Design Education
#28 Landscape Design/Church Gardens
#29 Blue Star Memorial Landscaping(CGCI
#B-2) #40 Landscape Design Consultants
#49 Community Landscape Design
#62 Landscape Design
#71 Roadside Award (CGCI #C-7)
#73 Civic Projects with Native Plants(CGCI #C-7)
#74 Outdoor Classrooms, Nature Trails (CGCI #C-7)
#27 Radio and/or TV
#44 Publicity Press Book (CGCI #PR-1)
#53 National Garden Week (CGCI #PR-4)
#63 Website A and B (CGCI #PR-5)
#68 Video—CD/DVD/Flash Drive (CGCI #PR-6)
#3 Literary Horticultural Interest
#12 Newsletter(CGCI #PR-2 Sections 1 & 2)
#13 Publications (any other) (CGCI
#PR-2 Sections 3 & 4)
Award of Distinguished Service
#9 Citation for Distinguished Service Member Award of Honor
#37 Presidential Citation
#56 Non-Standard Flower Show Award
#5 Club Standard Show
#17 Home Standard Show
#18 Council Standard Show
#21 Patriotic Standard Show
#22 Holiday Standard Show
#25 Petite Standard Show
#30 District Standard Show
#34-3 Plant Society Standard Show
#35 Near-Club Standard Show
#47 Youth Flower Show or Section of Adult Show
#57 Standard Show Staged in Public Bldg.
#56 NGC Award of Major Non-Standard Flower Shows
#16A Club Yearbook  (CGCI #G-2)
#16B District Yearbook  (CGCI #G-3)
#16E Judges Councils/Consultants (CGCI #G-1)
#10 Junior/Intermediate Garden Club
#14 Horticulture Achievement Junior/ Intermediate Garden Club
#32 Conservation Award Junior/ Intermediate GC
#33 High School Gardeners Accomplishment
#55 Youth Environmental Concern Award
#65 Junior Garden Club Horticulture Award
#76 High School Distinguished Service Project
#8 Youth Horticulture Education
#54 Environmental Education
#60 Junior Leadership Award
1.  Published Article, Pamphlet or Book (CGCI #PR-2 Section 3)
2.  Newsletters or official publications. (CGCI #PR-2 Sections 1 & 2)
3.  Yearbook. (CGCI #G-1, #G-2, #G-3)
4.  Any other publication (membership)
5.  Any other publication (non-membership) (CGCI #PR-2 Section 4)
9.  Civic Beautification. (CGCI #B-1 & #HT-2)
10. Blue Star Memorial Marker Landscaping. (CGCI #B-2)
11  Fundraising Project or Event. (CGCI #G-11)
12  Garden Therapy Program. (CGCI #G-18)
13  Membership Campaign. (CGCI #G-5)
14  Standard Flower Show Schedule. (CGCI #FS-6)
15  Small Standard Flower. (CGCI #FS-3)
16  Native Flora Education.
17  Youth Activities.
 NGC Member Award of Honor.