Youth Activities

CGCI Junior Gardeners

CGCI's Youth Activities Committee assists garden clubs and/or districts in sponsoring youth garden clubs and encourages the youth leaders to provide balanced programs in horticulture, conservation and leadership and participation in flower shows and the award program.
Youth Activities Committee 2013-15: 
Chairman - Linda Riddle -
Administrative Assistant - Tonya Judkins
Girl Scout Liaison - Terri Blomker -
Poetry/Essay Contest - Ann Durgerian
Smokey Bear/Woodsey Owl Poster Contest - Lynn Rose & Sara Delperdang
  • We have been helping to support youth gardening groups in California with leadership, knowledge, supplies, awards and scholarships since 1931. 
  • We know what it takes to create great gardens.
  • We know what it takes to raise great kids.
  • We are building programs that introduce young people to gardening, conservation, protection of wildlife, recognition of plants, trees and shrubs, basic flower arrangements, and a love and appreciation of nature. 
  • The goal is to help teach youth to be responsible and capable citizens with greater self-expression, dignity, integrity and knowledge of their environment.
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CGCI Youth Garden Program



There are only a few requirements:

  • The youth groups can be organized in schools, churches, recreational and after-school programs, Scouts, 4-H, FFA, FHA, Campfire, and similar groups.
  • Each category of youth gardeners
    • must be sponsored by a CGCI federated garden club or District. 
    • be registered annually with both appropriate CGCI and NGC chairmen
    • have all privileges of CGCI except the right to vote and hold office
  • Sponsors are encouraged to accept responsibility in the following:
    • Work directly or indirectly with the youth group in one or more of the following: Leadership, teaching talent, financial support, or any other help to effectively provide and assist in carrying out a quality youth gardening program.
    • Assist leader in applying for awards, compiling books of evidence, and individual honors at State, Regional and National levels to bring recognition to the sponsor and California Garden Clubs, Inc.
    • Maintain close contact with the youth leader so that the youth group gets information on awards, grants and materials shared at CGCI Fall/Winter board meetings and conventions.
  • Sponsoring Club or District is required to submit an Annual Renewal form due by June 1.
Youth Garden Clubs pay no dues.
  • CGCI pays $10.00 annually to National Garden Clubs, Inc. (NGC, Inc.) to cover all Ecotot, Junior, Intermediate, and High School Youth Gardeners.
  • The dues to NGC are paid annually from the CGCI general fund.
There's something for every age group
  • Ecotots (pre-school-K)
  • Junior (1st - 6th grade)
  • Intermediate (7th - 9th grade)
  • High School (9th - 12th grade)
Signing up is EASY!

Questions:  Contact Youth Activities Chairman Linda Riddle


In addition to the educational programs offered there are fun things like contests and awards

  • Earn recognition, pride and a few dollars for your youth gardeners.
  • The poster contest is open to grades 1-5.
  • Go to CGCI Awards Program for complete details
    • Check the Youth Section of the Awards Manual to see if there are any categories that may interest your group.
    • The Essay, Poetry and Sculpture contest deadline is December 1.
    • All other entries are due January 10
  • CGCI through National Garden Clubs and the U.S. Forest Service, has participated in the contest for over fifty years.
  • The contest has drawn as many as 34,000 entries.
  • California has had TWO national Grand Prize winners in the last 3 years and several students have received 1st place for their grade level!
Maybe you know the next winner!!!!
You can't win if you don't enter.

The CGCI/Girl Scouts Partnership

CGCI-California Girls Scouts PatchCGCI-Girl Scouts Patch   Did you know that CGCI is working with the Girl Scouts to provide new opportunities for scouts at all levels?
   Did you know there is a a new CGCI/Girl Scout patch for California Girl Scouts of all levels?
   CLICK HERE for details