Gardening School

CGCI Chairman - Greg Pokorski
      Learn about horticulture and the art of gardening
The Gardening Study School is a series of four courses (each one containing six different classes for a total of ten hours of instruction) developed by National Garden Clubs, Inc. (NGC) to stimulate an interest in horticulture and to further the art of gardening.  After successful completion of four courses, a member may be certified and become an accredited "Gardening Consultant."   These courses are designed to:
  • Stimulate interest in the growth of plant materials to their peak of perfection.
  • Give the students an understanding of how and why a plant grows.
  • Teach soil structure and methods for making the soil more productive.
  • Lend an understanding as to why plants react to certain weather conditions and how to modify these conditions to encourage optimum growth.
  • Provide an understanding of commercial and natural pest and disease control agents, growth regulators and other substances used in general horticultural practices.
  • Illustrate methods of plant propagation.
  • Offer methods and instruction in plant identification.
  • Explore growing techniques for garden plants, vegetables, fruits, houseplants, trees and shrubs and specialized styles of gardening.
  • Develop a respect for and appreciation of plants and their roles in our human lives and activities.
    • A Series of Courses must be approved by the State Federation or Garden Club Board (CGCI) and the State Gardening Study Schools Chairman, in accordance with National Garden Clubs requirements, before any courses are given.
    • All Courses must be registered with and approved by the NGC Accrediting Chairman for Gardening Study Schools.
    • At least two accredited instructors are required for each course.
    • Complete all four Gardening Study School courses (and pass all required exams).
    • Be a member of an NGC-affiliated garden club.  All CGCI garden clubs are members of National Garden Clubs!
    • Subscribe to The National Gardener, the official publication of National Garden Clubs, Inc.