Environmental School

CGCI Chairman:  Shane Looper - slooper@sbcglobal.net
Helping Members Become Accomplished Environmental Consultants
The mission statement of the Environmental Studies Schools is to teach environmental literacy to cherish, protect and conserve the living earth. The courses teach participants environmental literacy, appreciation of the natural world, encourages action for sustainable development and appreciation for the interrelation of all natural things. Particular emphasis is presently placed on land conservation, water conservation and air quality.
The Living Earth Environmental Studies Schools are composed of a minimum of forty hours of study of specific units divided into four Courses of ten hours, each of which includes a two-hour field trip. The Courses investigate AIR, LAND and WATER. The units are divided into Ecology and Environmental Science, Life on Earth and Earth Stewardship.  Environmental Studies Schools are open to everyone, whether or not they are garden club members.  A member of NGC, Inc. may take the exams to be an Environmental Consultant and may become a member of the Environmental Consultants’ Council in his/her home state.  However, the Consultant Card is only issued to members of NGC. A non-member student who has successfully completed the four Courses may apply for a Consultant Card upon joining a NGC member garden club within one year after completing the four Courses. Certificates of Achievement may be awarded to non-NGC students attending the four Courses.
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