• NGC Virtual Flower Show "Perfect Visions":  President Gay Austin has authorized a "virtual flower show" to replace all those that have been cancelled for 2020.  
    • Entry information is in the schedule attached and on the NGC website (where the entry forms are located.) Note: an exhibitor may only enter one specimen in each horticulture section, one exhibit in the design division, and an entry in each botanical arts section. (For a total of 10 different entries in the 10 different sections.) 
    • This is not an official NGC Flower Show, as the Handbook for Flower Shows doesn’t provide for non-face-to-face judging. Likewise, most flower shows have specific horticulture classes instead of sections that will be subdivided once entries are submitted. There are no Top Exhibitor Awards offered. Therefore, this virtual flower show will not be eligible for exhibiting and judging credit.
  • Awards:  
    • EVALUATION FORMS have been updated for 2020. 
    • There are THREE new awards and several of the evaluations have been updated with new requirements and/or judging chairmen. 
    • Be sure you are using the correct evaluation form for the 2020 awards year.
    • ​The 2020 CGCI Convention has been CANCELLED. Click HERE to read President Looper's complete letter
    • The 2020 NGC Convention has been CANCELLED. Go to http://gardenclub.org/ for details.
    • The 2020 Pacific Region Convention CANCELLED. It has been rescheduled for August 9-12, 2021 


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